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Video: Jack Woodward Lawyer Addressing the Indian Act

The Indian Act is one of the oldest pieces of legislation in Canada. It was first – the first version of it was enacted in 1868 just a few months after Confederation and it’s been in place almost unchanged in its essence since then. Continue reading “Video: Jack Woodward Lawyer Addressing the Indian Act”

Going to the Source: Nuchatlaht Land Title Case

Do you ever go right to the primary source for your news? Primary sources are always preferred, if you can understand them. On Jack Woodward’s law practice site, the official legal filings he made on behalf of the Nuchatlaht First Nation last month have been published. Continue reading “Going to the Source: Nuchatlaht Land Title Case”

Ha-Shilth-Sa Coverage of Nuchatlaht Land Title Case

“People have to understand, precedent has been set. We don’t have to prove title. It’s there. A lot of the work has been done. They can’t just do as they please now.” Continue reading “Ha-Shilth-Sa Coverage of Nuchatlaht Land Title Case”

Sow The Same Seeds, Reap the Same Rewards


“There is an old saying, sow the same seeds, reap the same rewards.”

As lawyer Troy Hunter thoroughly points out in his article in the Vancouver Sun, British Columbia could in a very troublesome spot in regard to Aboriginal land interests. Continue reading “Sow The Same Seeds, Reap the Same Rewards”

Nuchatlaht: This Land Claim is for Everyone

The law around Aboriginal land interests in Canada is complex and challenging. In filing a legal (Aboriginal-title) claim against the federal and provincial government, members of the Nuchatlaht First Nation expressed their position quite simply. Continue reading “Nuchatlaht: This Land Claim is for Everyone”

Nuchatlaht Launch Land Title Case in BC

“Nuchatlaht has spent many frustrating years of discussions at the treaty table and other processes trying to protect our lands and the health of our people. Successive governments have failed to give Nuchatlaht serious iisaak [respect] for their rights and title.” – Nuchatlaht hereditary chief Walter Michael

Continue reading “Nuchatlaht Launch Land Title Case in BC”

There Are 16 Different Types of Aboriginal Land Interests

Did you know how broad and complex Indigenous land law is in Canada? In a recent article, Jack Woodward lawyer explains there are 16 different types land interests recognized by the government. Continue reading “There Are 16 Different Types of Aboriginal Land Interests”

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