In a dressing room at Pitt Meadows Arena, after a recent hockey game in which he scored a goal and his “old-timers” team won, Rob MacDonald had a cardiac arrest and died.

He was revived by a winger on the opposing team, one he had actually lined up against during the game. His saviour, Bruce Moffat, was an off-duty paramedic who administered chest compressions for about a dozen minutes, all of it in just his underwear since he was summoned for the emergency while taking a post-game shower shortly before midnight.

More than 7,100 people across B.C. will have out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests this year, if it is anything like the last. Only 25 per cent get bystander CPR and even then, only 10 per cent survive. If not for Moffat, MacDonald would be among the 90 per cent who don’t make it. His three children would be fatherless and his wife would be a widow, as MacDonald, a mortgage broker, points out.

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